I'm an atheist so maybe my opinion is irrelevant, but I want to talk about the "neo-Marxism" of #BlackLivesMatter . On the one hand it's obviously absurd to think that everyone kneeling and protesting in support of BLM are Marxist, or even necessarily leftist. 1/ https://twitter.com/sullydish/status/1287057974834462720
Indeed a lot of Black radicalism *is* Marx-inflected. Du Bois was famously influenced by Marx. The term "racial capitalism" came from Cedric Robinson, whose magnum opus was "Black Marxism". As a liberal I've expressed my own concern! See this thread. 2/ https://twitter.com/paulcrider/status/1280282679800295424
But even if BLM and M4BL were "neo-Marxist" (whatever that means), it wouldn't follow that we liberals have nothing to learn from these groups, can't collaborate, or can't express solidarity with Black lives in danger, a problem that *should* be a priority for any liberal. 3/
Importantly, the @Mvmnt4BlkLives--whatever their ultimate worldviews (surely plural)--has delivered an actual policy platform we can engage with. It's good. And I don't think I'm at risk of losing my liberal credentials by supporting the #BREATHEact. 4/4 https://breatheact.org/ 
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