Sure, this is amusing, but the Reagan years, and the people who brought them to you, are Trumpism's origin story. They helped build this. Don't let them get away with this sleight of hand.
Just one example: Bill Barr masterminded the Iran-Contra pardons under Bush I that kept some of these Reagan-era assholes from being punished for the crimes they most certainly committed.
And Reagan's election was, as much as anything else, a Lee "southern strategy" Atwater production. There's blood on their hands, and there was on St. Ronnie's, too.
Donald Trump was the quintessential symbol of Reagan's America: wealth based on economic flim-flammery, racist and misogynist, immune to consequences because he was white and well-connected. Reagan thought government was the problem, and Trump is stripping it for parts.
So the Reagan Foundation can bitch all they want about Trump using Reagan's image to campaign, but it doesn't alter the fact that Trump is the apotheosis of the Reaganite Id.
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