Okay so I rewatched the whole season of #DefendingJacob again, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the show is a love story between Andy and Laurie. Here’s my reasoning below 🥰
Throughout the whole show, it’s about the parents dealing with their accused son. We see the ups and downs of a solid marriage between Andy and Laurie. The happiness they have as a normal family in the beginning, the huge fight in the kitchen, and the ending scenes.
They struggle with the whole ordeal in very different ways. Andy is more skilled in hiding emotions and dealing with the issues. Laurie is more emotional and wears her heart outside. Yet it’s obvious they both love and care about each other, throughout the whole show.
Andy showed his loyalty to his wife in the end. He knew the car crash was not an accident, but he didn’t admit it in front of Neal during the indictment. He loves Laurie, and he knew what would happen to her if he had said it was her own doing.
And this is why I love them together, as a couple and as a team. They deserved so much better 🥺
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