Some times queer Christian Tik Tok sneaks into my mostly gay abs tik tok, and I see so many folks prooftexting the clobber passages, explaining when the word “homosexuality” was mistranslated, but here’s the thing-

Most folks do not care if you have the most correct translation.
Because it’s not about what the Bible says. We get caught up in this fight over Greek words and it’s a distraction from the actual issue, which is this:

The very framework in which we are trying to work requires us to acquiesce to a very narrow view of what the Bible is.
We have to make concessions on our intellectual integrity in order to make other feel comfortable enough with our beliefs in hopes that maybe we can shift them a little further in their theology towards being more inclusive, MAYBE. Because what if they don’t?
In order to make strides in reclaiming our spiritual authority and sovereignty, we need to reject the framework which requires us to prooftext why we should be treated like human beings.

I should not have to do PhD level reading on why it’s okay for me to like dudes.
Cause I did that. I educated myself on the social, historical, political, and theological aspects of this particular thing, to make sure I knew enough to justify myself to a system that STILL DOESNT CARE WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS OR DOESNT SAY.

And it doesn’t matter how smart it am.
For years I thought that if I had the right theology or right beliefs that it would some how make it okay for me to love myself. But no amount of study will set your free the way an experience of Love can.
We need to get away from prooftexting and making concessions on our theological integrity. If we don’t play their game that’s rigged in their favor then they lose their power to affect us or dictate us.
Let’s be frank: you should not need a verse in the Bible to do the right thing. We all instinctively know what love is and isn’t.
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