Constantine was a good movie.

Fight me.
I could go the rest of my lifetime without seeing another Little Women or Bronte remake.

And then several lifetimes after that.
Same with Jane Austen movies.

Mr. Darcy is overrated, don't @ me.
Grey's Anatomy should've ended three seasons ago, if not sooner.
Rome and Juliet is a piss poor love story where all of the "problems" would've been solved if people didn't have the communication skills of freaking toddlers. Have a drink and go sat down somewhere. WHY is it the gold standard? Make it make sense.
Sailor Moon would whup Goku's entire ass, you're just gonna have to take the L on that one.
No one cares about the Waynes or Uncle Ben anymore. We're over it.
Transformers was the perfect standalone film. If they were considering a franchise, they shouldn't have killed Megatron. That's where they fucked up.
While it wasn't perfect, the recent Power Rangers reboot was a GOTDAM MASTERPIECE and we deserve a sequel!
It should've been Hawkeye.
Michael Bay got it right with the first TMNT movie. Murphy's law, I guess.

It too should have been a standalone.
Iron Man didn't have to die, and the better story would've been the loss of Cap, but I get RDJ was over it.
Supernatural should have ended with season five.

idc idc idc idc idc.
Criminal Intent was the superior Law & Order spin-off.
The hobbit didn't need to be three movies, no one gave two shits about the Elf/Dwarf romance.
The next Guardians of the Galaxy movie doesn't need Peter Quill.

I have no idea what the plot is, but I'm sure they can drop him in a black hole somewhere and be just fine.
Golden Girls >>>>>> Friends

Living Single >>>>>> Friends

Basically, you now see the crossover we deserve.
Lego Batman is best Batman movie.
We don't need any more Avatar movies.

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