why reverse racism DOES NOT exist a thread from @ /futurafreedesign on instagram: racism is based on a couple of things-historical, systemic oppression and power. as far as history goes, white people have never been prosecuted for the colour of their skin, so there’s no point
comparing their experiences to those of Black, Brown, and Indigenous folks.
How can people of color be racist towards Whites in a societal system designed to benefit only white people ? they can’t.
Since the beginning of time, Whites have been in power and +
people of color have lived under systematic forms of oppression that will keep them down in society. Whites have never experienced this.
As soon as we begin to interrogate issues of racism people get uncomfortable with it.
If your default reaction to these discussions is to +
see white people as victims of reverse racism, educate yourself.
Get a deep understanding of what racism is and how it impacts different communities.
What racism means: the structural oppression of Non-Whites through government legislature, “cultural norms” +
, representation in the media, etc.
What some people think it means: a Black girl was mean to me in middle school.
To every white person reading this, don’t try and be a victim. you have privilege, accept it, and make small changes every day to recognize it. affirmative +
action is not racist. stereotypes and biases of Whites are not racist. by claiming they are, Whites ignore the truth behind real racism.
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