1. During an interview with @EricTrump, @JesseBWatters endorses QAnon

Watters says Q does crazy stuff but "they've also uncovered a lot of great stuff" (not true)

I can't begin to tell you how validating this segment will be for QAnon followers and how dangerous that is.
2. In the segment with @EricTrump, @JesseBWatters suggests that Twitter banning some QAnon accounts and putting others on notice is "election interference"...which means he's accepting QAnon followers as part of Trump's voter base.

Not an association I would want!
3. QAnon followers are deeply detached from reality and they constantly look for validation of their beliefs. They look for what they see as codes from people they support. A top Fox News host endorsing QAnon while the president's son nods along is all they need.
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