What a lot of people don't seem to realize is that using Steele's dossier to get a surveillance warrant of the Trump campaign via @carterwpage was actually PLAN B.

Plan A was CIA operative/FBI informant Stefan Halper making surreptitious recordings of Page & @GeorgePapa19.
Only when Halper's months of trying to get Page/PapaD to say something incriminating on tape hadn't worked and time was running out to get the warrant before the election did the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team make the decision to fall back on Christopher Steele's dossier.
This is because the entire FBI 7th floor & the Crossfire Hurricane team knew Steele's info was fake & that he was a paid operative of the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC.

Halper thought he could BS Page/PapaD into saying something that could be used. He was wrong.
Falling back on making use of Steele's dossier was FAR more incriminating for those involved in this fake setup of the Trump campaign, which is exactly why it wasn't the first choice.

But desperate times, desperate measures.

And besides, Hillary had it in the bag!
They were setting up a basic "insurance policy" framework to be able to quickly launch "Trump officials are actually Russian agents!" investigations in the unlikely event Trump won the election.

Then Trump **did** win the election.

They were forced to launch.
The strategy was to have this Russian hoax all ready to go when Trump came into office, and to begin picking off his top personnel one by one by creating the APPEARANCE they were Russian agents & forcing resignations/recusals.

Initially, they were led to believe it was working.
They had dreams of forcing Trump from office early on, either via resignation or impeachments.

Their view of Trump was that he was a very very unstable person who would buckle under pressure.

Flynn resigned, Sessions recused...it was working!

They have him now!
Here we are 3 1/2 years later, after they used their BS RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA investigations to force Flynn's firing, Sessions recusal, the appointment of the EXACT Special Counsel they wanted, and they're all wondering how this all went so very very wrong for them.
With everything that's dropped in the past 100 days since April, you bet a whole lot more is going to drop in the 100 days leading up to the election.

Democrats have tricks up their sleeves, you say?

So does Trump.

Keep watching.

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