Straight off of the back of colonial labour exploitation of colonized people's, imperial wealth & mineral extraction & the violent suppressing of trade unions & communists throughout the global south, demanding the same privledges that were afforded to through these institutions.
"This seriously distorts our understanding of the real priorities of the government, because a good case can be made that the warfare state was much more central to its concerns than the welfare state for which it is best remembered"
"The statistical evidence shows that postwar Britain was a low spender on social services by comparison with European nations. By contrast, British defence expenditures … were high by Continental European standards.'The warfare state was the Labour government’s primary concern"
The article ends by pointing out Corbyn is/was the first Labour leader to oppose British foreign policies subordination to the United States (which the Labour Party embraced even before the Conservative Party) in the post-WW2 era.
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