Some evangelicals have an issue with the BLM organization because one of their core beliefs is to "disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another."
Here's the thing though. The nuclear family was a late invention of family relations that only goes back to the last century and only became prevalent in the US from the 1950s onward. Today around the world, cultures have various types of familial relations that stress
extended family structures and quasi-familial structures (I.e. "Villages"). Compared to the long line of history, nuclear family as a prescribed norm and ideal is a blip on a blip on a map.

Further, evangelicals who know their Bibles should recognize that the church is
intentionally meant to be an extended family structure that "disrupts" the nuclear family as an independent, self sufficient unit. Everything from the fact that Mary's pregnancy was side by side with her non nuclear family member (Elizabeth) to the fact that Jesus healed Peter's
mother-in-law to the fact that the early church stressed the structure of "households" to the idea that the church as a body is called a "household" and "family" of God should make us see that the Christian faith stands crosswise with late western ideals about family. The church
intentionally "disrupts" the nuclear family structure because it brings us into a broader family of mutuality.

Evangelicals can have issues with certain aspects of the core beliefs of the Black Lives Matter organization - but it should not be because of what they believe about
the nuclear family. They have more in common with Scripture in this conviction, if we have ears to hear it.
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