I try to ignore these riots unless they hit legit HAPPENING status

Well I’m getting that sort of a vibe again tonight
YIKES for Seattle
"To prevent injuries, Antifa wraps potential hazards in foam and marks them with stuffed animals" -- video via https://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer 
(FOLLOW THIS THREAD TONIGHT): "Numerous incidents of bottles and balloons filled with liquid being thrown at officers. Police continuing to work to clear the area. Multiple dispersal orders issued. Crowd has not yet dispersed." https://twitter.com/seattlepd/status/1287172267424669696
"Police using more explosives to push protesters back west toward Broadway. #seattleprotests" -- video via https://twitter.com/goldsteinstreet/
"Seattle is now in an uprising of its own, similar to Portland. Protesters are clashing with Seattle Riot Police." -- video via https://twitter.com/MorganKIRO7/ 
"It’s not a peaceful protest in Seattle. The crowd are the aggressors. They set fire to a Starbucks right before this." -- video via https://twitter.com/jasonrantz/ 
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