i might just tweet abt things i could be, all the people and animals and lives i could have led. i have a lot of ideals in my head from years of escapism and maladaptive daydreaming : - )
this is now a thread of my fantasies. first. i want to be a fluffy cow living on a small farm in iceland that eats grass and dandelions and whose only worry is the wind that sometimes feels a little too chilly. but then i huddle with my cow friends and it's all better.
second. i am a glitzy flapper girl from the 20s who spends her days a the races and her nights at speakeasies. i have a rich husband and we live in new york city. this one is dangerously close to the great gatsby.
third. i am a princess in medieval england. i wear flowy dresses and frolic through the gardens.
four. i'm an old peasant on a farm in russia. it is winter and my family is all tucked together inside by the fire. i knit and tell my grandchildren folklore and stories from my youth. the wind howls outside.
five. i'm a woman in a small but bustling sailor town in the golden age of piracy. i wait eagerly each night for sailors to come into the tavern i work in to tell me their tales from the sea. one day i cut my hair and stow away on a ship. i belt out sea shanties with all the men.
six. i'm a bird. i fly anywhere that i want to whenever i want to. i make nests out of random baubles i find that people have dropped. nothing compares to the feeling of the wind in my face as i soar in the sky.
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