Reporting with @BobbyMarks42: The NBA is investigating what Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams did while on an excused absence from the Orlando campus, so it can assess the length of his re-quarantining process, multiple sources told ESPN on Saturday.
Williams was photographed at an Atlanta gentleman’s club on Thursday night by the rapper Jack Harlow, who quickly deleted the post from his Instagram story. Harlow tweeted on Friday, “That was an old pic of me and Lou. I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him.”
Sources told ESPN that Williams has been interviewed by NBA security about his whereabouts while he was away from campus, and told them he did go to the Magic City gentleman’s club for a short time on Thursday night
As per NBA protocol, Williams was tested for coronavirus each day that he was away from campus, a source told ESPN. Players are subject to a minimum four day quarantine when they leave campus on an excused absence.
However, as @ZachLowe_NBA recently noted, that re-quarantining time could be extended up to 10 days if the league's outside infectious disease specialists recommends it.
In the case of the Lakers Alex Caruso, who was weighing whether to attend his sister's 100-person wedding in Texas, sources said the re-quarantining process would likely have been 10 or even 14 days due to the high-risk nature of the event.
Lou Williams tweeted a photo Friday of a man named, Paul G. Willams, with the caption "Long Live Pops,." Sources said Williams told NBA investigators that he attended a viewing for Williams which ended around 6 p.m. on Thursday, then went to Magic City to pick up dinner.
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