@MuffinAndElliot Since you are stating you are a fan of who I won't name but somehow have been reading and RT'ing a few comments of mine, I wish to reply before I block your account. While you are stating in your pinned tweet you're obviously a 'believer' and a Christian, I find
it a total paradox for anyone spouting the teachings from the Bible to be a supporter of a man in the WH: who fits the criteria (every one of them) of a sociopath,
who has without conscience had the order over 3 years ago to separate infants, toddlers, children & teens from
parents. I don't care what the circumstances,
who cannot speak coherently if you read any of his non-scripted briefings,
who declared a pandemic a "hoax" instigated by Democrats where it actually wasn't a hoax and now nearly 150,000 of your fellow citizens have died of the non-
hoax which he also stated would be gone by Easter, in March. Currently the statistics of infections, deaths are horrific in the USA. As a former Critical Care RN & Nurse Clinician who worked 34 years, I found this disregard for US residents who he is supposed to be 'serving'
far beyond horrific as it was negligent and totally recklessly irresponsible since his lack of serious concerns meant people were careless and many still are to avoid infection, serious illness and deaths. There is no retracting his lack of intelligent and responsible actions in
this pandemic. Unlike our Prime Minister in Canada with daily serious briefings daily for months along with our top epidemiologists and top medical officers.
Who has continually passed Executive Orders to reduce needed protections of the environment, the natural protected areas
as well as protecting endangered species of animals in the USA federally.
Who has now reduced the needed standards of the pollution requirements of the many lakes and rivers of the USA and with some which border on our Canadian provinces and directly affecting our own shores.
Who has also removed the banning of the use of the cancer inducing product, asbestos, which has been proven to cause mesothelioma of the lungs.
Who has shifted funds from the VA to other areas of the budget,
Who had once elected halted any rehiring of staff of the VA hospitals at
a time of a higher than normal retirement age was occurring.
I could go on but I'm sure you get my point if you'd bothered to read this. I've attended four Universities, have always followed the politics both locally, in Canada and globally. It is beyond my comprehension how
anyone can be so delusional to consider a man who is obviously a racist on top of all I've listed above unless of course they are also a racist and consider their white skin alone makes them superior to others without white skin. That alone is beyond my understanding as it is
who a person is in the world which is their worth if they are honest, compassionate and kind. I will now be not allowing you to have any contact with my Twitter account in future. I am also tagging others who will be reading this too; who think as I do also. @PattyArquette
@funder @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @WhoopiGoldberg @JoyVBehar @JustinTrudeau
My final comment is, Your God must be a very different one from mine.
Good by now. Respectfully written in the hopes you will take the time for some self reflection.
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