Or you want to have children, but lost your baby this week 1/n https://twitter.com/joelmcglothlin/status/1286714493372956673
We’re still raw, and aren’t ready to discuss publicly, but I could not let this one go. So now that I have your attention….
This dichotomy (which I hear often, esp. now) is extremely problematic, and we must do better in #AcademicChatter #phdchat
There are SO many reasons that people may have “unproductive” weeks, with or without children, and we need to create space for that
To name but a few major sources of being “unproductive” (by IMO broken standards in #Academia; so “unproductive” in quotes being key here):
Fighting a constant, uphill battle of #racialinjustice, overt #racism, (micro & macro)aggressions, and systemic barriers to #BlackinSTEM
Battling the #anxiety of #invisibleillness during a global pandemic…
#caregiving for elderly and vulnerable populations during a global pandemic...
And so many more…
We MUST create space for mental health breaks, time off, and community, not just during this global pandemic
We MUST create support systems for families so that this dichotomy of productivity vs. parenting isn’t so stark (b/c this IS the reality for so many not *just* during the global pandemic)
And we MUST quit public shaming the childless for “productivity” when for many this isn’t a choice, nor do we know what other challenges these individuals face
And we MUST normalize “taboo” topics, including pregnancy loss, which is so painful (physically & emotionally), isolating, and scary despite being SO common (especially w/ the demands of #Academia)
I wouldn't have gotten through mine without friends who were brave enough to share their story. You know who you are. Thank you.
Finally, I’d argue we must also challenge our metrics of “productivity,” but I’ll save that for another thread when I’m less raw…
Stay safe, everyone. And critically, do not feel shame or guilt for doing critical mental health and community work during these difficult times
[Note: This is not about me or our story, but rather a hopeful call to the academic community to do better. Trolling or negativity will be removed; I am too raw to deal with any BS. TIA]
Oh and how could I forget: "The looming return to school (as educators, students, or parents) when information on safety protocols and safeguards are bleak…"
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