✦ unwavering - kiribaku au

frequently getting into fights and making enemies with almost anyone, the safety of the infamous rapper bakugo katsuki is at stake and his agency comes to a conclusion: he needs a bodyguard. who else is more suited for this task than kirishima eijiro?
✦ welcome to my second krbk au! hope you enjoy your stay 💌
here's some important stuff you need to know:
- please don't reply, only rt/like/quote, it motivates me!
- time stamps/dates don't matter
- everyone's legal in this au
- other ships are gonna be a surprise 🤫
✦ introducing our two main characters, bakugo and kirishima
✦ here comes the bakusquad, the 4 members of the rock band called "lost stars"
✦ say hello to this lovely duo
✦ shoto and dabi from todoroki production + shinso and monoma from 1B entertainment
✦ we're just starting but chaos already ensues
✦ a day in the life of iida tenya
✦ two parallel worlds, destined to meet
✦ kiri makes up his mind
✦ at last, the job interview
✦ a shield that never wavers
✦ just give him a moment
✦ the job is yours
✦ doing this for the money
✦ nothing too fancy
✦ could it be him?
✦ haven't met him yet
✦ everything's fine
✦ kiri is a tiny bit anxious
✦ starring in a cheap thriller?
✦ crimson, fiery eyes
✦ what the hell just happened?
✦ way too buff
✦ he's gonna kill me isn't he
✦ scared looking puppy
✦ he has already left
✦ are you jealous?
✦ kiribaku judging their drivers
✦ give shinso his clown wig
✦ like a clingy boyfriend
✦ rip bakukami
✦ kiri's losing his patience
✦ show him who's the one in command
✦ the answer is still no
✦ never asked for a puppy
✦ go get the kat
✦ alrighty, sweetheart
✦ it's a long story
✦ he's working for me
✦ kat seems tense
✦ cute
✦ be careful, please
✦ go give some love to this beautiful art inspired by one of the recent updates 💓 https://twitter.com/GliitchyBean/status/1289325598695858176?s=19
✦ someone willing to love him wholeheartedly
✦ not without me
✦ say hello to our new member
✦ did something actually happen?
✦ it's nice to see you smile
✦ something worth protecting with his life
✦ what if we slept together?
✦ a cat emoji
✦ good morning
✦ do your worst
✦ you still have a chance
✦ bakugo... cute?
✦ no talk me i angy- wait no come back
✦ fan voting begins
✦ you like him too, right?
✦ a date?
✦ my heart would break
✦ it's important
✦ don't fall for bakugo
✦ and, let's not forget, prettier
✦ stop lying 💔
✦ missed me? :)
✦ and the event begins
✦ their ship name is kiribaku
✦ single? not for long
✦ serokami disappears
✦ a softie, deep down
✦ did he just flirt with kirishima?
✦ at least he's there
✦ kiribaku keeps trending on twitter
✦ it's all in your head
✦ afraid of myself
✦ bakugo's love life is the real focus of the night
✦ the insecure, trembling boy
✦ alluring, irresistible warmth
✦ rumors and speculations
✦ he doesn't deserve any of this
✦ i love you too
✦ thank you, from the bottom of my heart
✦ don't shut me out
✦ finally breathing again
✦ be on your guard
✦ what does she want from you
✦ someone way better
✦ forget about me
✦ no one deserves me more than you do
✦ i don't wanna be without you
✦ he ain't going anywhere
✦ what does he mean to you anyway
✦ just come back to me
✦ how does this make you feel?
✦ you're way more than that
✦ sometimes liking isn't enough
✦ back to being just myself
✦ you know i'm right
✦ bakugo is very perceptive
✦ you can't stop me
✦ cat clothes for kat
✦ i didn't say that
✦ that dumb smile of yours
✦ bakugo creates a fake fan account for.. reasons
✦ since the very beginning
✦ his heart is somewhere else
✦ bad at love
✦ bakugo.exe stopped working
✦ it's abous "us"
✦ an unexpected honeymoon?
✦ i trust him
✦ chaos ensues, again
✦ slowly opening up
✦ just you and me
✦ tetsu, the bakugo translator
✦ one room, one bed
✦ less lonely
✦ the todoroki family is very interesting
✦ stupid feelings
✦ choose carefully
✦ red hair burning against the blushing sky
✦ angel with his striking beauty
✦ like a starved animal looking for its prey
✦ everything missing and everything he needed
✦ accepting the truth, with all its intensity, with all its consequences
✦ i forgot to mention the song kiri is singing to bakugo is called "lover of mine" by 5 seconds of summer; give it a listen 💞
✦ king of flirting
✦ never
✦ he's the damn sun
✦ the strength to keep going
✦ praise me bakubabe 😔
✦ i wonder who's your muse
✦ someone like you
✦ i'd choose both
✦ come here and kiss me
✦ it doesn't have to mean anything
✦ choose carefully: should denki wake them up?
✦ please take a look at this beautiful art of our precious boys, kat and katsuki 💞 https://twitter.com/_zerein/status/1299838469636788224?s=19
✦ the magic of a single moment
✦ a 3 AM joke
✦ kirishima, i have a question
✦ if you have anything to say about these updates or the au in general, please don't hesitate, it would really motivate me to keep writing https://curiouscat.qa/iluvkiribaku 
✦ sealed lips calling for his
✦ mint all over his mouth
✦ yesterday i received a special gift from an amazing artist, please go give some love 💘 https://twitter.com/ayekatsuki/status/1301649363643412481?s=19
✦ a peach?
✦ lies, lies everywhere
✦ just bros 💛
✦ chef bakugo at your service
✦ kiribaku doing the 💥💥
✦ like no other
✦ bakugo being a responsible parent
✦ jealous much?
✦ bakugo's live on instagram
✦ never been better
✦ really? is that all?
✦ bruises on bakugo's neck
✦ if you want kiribaku to notice you during their ig live, qrt this tweet with your comment/question for them! make sure to be original, maybe they will reply to you 😏
✦ kaminari denki hell's kitchen
✦ my heart just knows
✦ kiribaku sharing a back hug
✦ bakugo failed simp september?
✦ tetsu and first impressions
✦ if it's him, i wouldn't mind
✦ a kiss before the live ends?
✦ the secret boyfriend
✦ maybe
✦ we're just very compatible
✦ just friends
✦ he's gonna be fine
✦ i miss those days
✦ kiri calls bakugo and after a long while, he finally answers the phone
✦ you're my present
✦ misunderstandings and miscommunication
✦ words that will never reach you
✦ nothing else matters
✦ just like a broken glass
✦ you're special, kiri
✦ do you remember bakugo katsuki?
✦ an unwavering heart beating for him
✦ just kirishima eijiro
✦ he's become indispensable
✦ on thin ice
✦ do you trust me?
✦ i'm going to destroy him
✦ my eyes are always looking :)
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