4/ As we are seeing in Texas, with these new “voters can vote anywhere” vote centers, officials claim that printing precinct poll tapes is too time consuming and difficult - even when required by law.
5/ Precinct poll tapes are an important tool that many election-integrity advicates hope to use in November to at least confirm that vote totals don’t change after leaving the precincts. See this description by @BevHarrisWrites. https://www.blackboxvoting.org/toolkit.pdf 
6/ http://ProtectOurVotes.com  is preparing a poll tape review project right now. A move toward consolidated (voters can vote anywhere) vote centers wld likely derail it in Ohio.
7/ Malfunctioning e-pollbooks caused big problems in Durham County, NC in 2016. It would have been even worse than it was, except officials were able to scramble and print up paper poll books to use instead. This wld have been impossible w/a voter’s-can-vote anywhere model.
8/ As w/ voting machines, a handful of corrupt vendors dominate the e-pollbook market. The largest, Knowink, is run by a former GOP election official. It’s product manager campaigned for Ed Martin who is president of the Schlafly Eagles, which opposes the equal right amendment!
9/ Knowink k and the second largest epollbook vendor, Tenex, make donations to election officials who then buy their products. Have we learned nothing?!
10/ This dangerous new trend toward voters-can-vote-anywhere centers that necessarily depend on internet-connected epollbooks from vendors w/ a propensity toward corruption must STOP. NOW. Wake up!
14/ Here is former Florida election official Mike Ertel hocking Tenex e-pollbooks to Alabama’s Secretary of State.
15/ And here is former Florida election official Mke Ertel demonstrating Tenex e-pollbooks to a Russian delegation in 2015. h/t George Balbona
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