Today at Engage For Change Online, I dedicated my poem POWER , to the wonderful @BannerWomen who have shown that through creative endeavor and solidarity to ALL women we can make a huge difference. Thank you for the inspiration and work you do.
Sometimes, I feel very strongly that politics and activism( even on the left) is not a safe space for women. To see such inspired work and such genuine effort to reach out and talk to all women is incredible.
We must dedicate our efforts to making our spaces safe for all women in a way that isn't exclusionary and provides an outlet for creative and community development.
This lack of understanding or figurative safety often stops me speaking my mind or undertaking actions to try new methods of activism and stops me acting when I should. Even now, I think about what stops me from posting more about the immense work we need to do.
I speak from a place of white/cis privilege. I can only imagine what my fellow activists must feel but realising those of us who have privilege can act and can use our own ways of reforming things to create change is powerful.
But that has to focus on solidarity with one another and come from a place of listening and willingness to understand and change our own behaviour. In the past,I have not stood up for fellow activists when I should have done and that needs to change.
A key example. Earlier in this thread, I used the word 'figurative' to describe safety. That is me not wanting to be real. For many activists, it is their very real safety that is threatened.
So, a huge thank you to everyone who is working hard to address these issues and work to focus on listening, solidarity and collective strength.
My time in politics has been interesting. Very often, I've not felt like I can speak or simply put, have felt the imposter syndrome that many must feel. I don't have political work experience, I don't have much money,I don't have much experience speaking in public.
I've struggled with my mental and physical health and this has been sometimes exacerbated by the difficult political landscape - even at a local level. This is my resolution to change and encourage better inatives and better activism to help my peers
So to come back to i and finish this thread. Thank you so much to the incredible people out there who are trying to make a difference and build in solidarity.
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