Stop calling everything fascism. Elon Musk contributing to the coups d’etat in Bolivia is not fascism. Through & through it is liberal (capitalist) democracy.
The overuse of the phrase fascism is troubling to me. Signifies something about the performative nature of these people’s politics. We live under capitalism and it is capitalism in Portland, capitalism in Libya, that is perpetuating these things. Fascism is a specter that
Appeals to our American sensibilities that learn in school that hitler is the devil, but never learn the atrocities of capitalism, that cannot fully be described as genocide but nonetheless are the epitome of evil and have claimed more lives. It is capitalism, not fascism,
That has caused the greatest terror and death in modern history. From slavery in the American empire to mass killing in the Japanese empire, it is capitalism. Even fascism itself is just a symptom of capitalism. It was designed as an appeasement of workers demanding direct
Ownership of the means of production in Europe. Lest we forget, there was a failed communist revolution in Germany a decade before hitler came to power. We do not live in these conditions, and the threat of fascism is non existent. It is a distraction. Don’t buy into it.
We live in era when political power is not held by the state. Understand this. Multinational corporations hold the power. Fascism is fundamentally different, it’s about making corporations subservient and secondary to the state.
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