A message to everyone out there.
The fight is created by nor did hearts nor http://shehnaazians.it  is created by others ppl using sidnaaz DP .
As they wanted to break fandom's.
Secondly if u see multiple video has been made of songs of them take it Kurt's pajama. https://twitter.com/SidNaaz_Forever/status/1287113807458971652
So the views gets distrubted.
So guys stop http://fighting.watch  song on original song. This is done to decrease views.
Pls understand this n be united as your wanted the same.
Don't belittle anyone within fandom as third person is creating rifts guys.
If u love your idol support them in there projects.
Don't abuse their costar as they have to work http://here.it  will create problem for them.
Don't mock picture with other actors.
U r disrespecting others.
It just show your upbringing.
N your idol will judge by your bhehviour.
So pls maintain peace,love n end this war.🙏🙏🙏🙏
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