It was easy to radicalize the GOP: They know they don’t have the votes, so they became proponents of propaganda, fraud, con men, Russian money and cyberterrorism, white supremacy and federal thuggery.

Anything to keep them in power for just one more day. Principles be damned. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1147576295611457536
I’m mortified for the so-called principled conservatives, clinging to a platform that’s been long since abandoned. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1128011323416014848
It got confusing as networks normalized the grotesque for profit. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1286516851812397056
Interesting how easily the GOP abandoned the “moral high ground” as it pertains to the sacred right of free and fair elections. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1285797718787387393
Truly shocking not a single member of the GOP appears troubled by Russia targeting our country with electronic and information warfare, which is ongoing. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1154074598687641600
When the little green men show up, the GOP is mute. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1284502125653843974
When I think “patriot”, I don’t think of spending 4th of July in Moscow like these GOP Senators did. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1128440806912577536
The thing is, we can’t afford to keep them in power for one more day, let alone six more months. That’s time wasted dealing with the big picture. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1144370501730500608
That time a data-thieving tax deadbeat and a war criminal shared the same objectives: an autocratic America, denying our rightful, progressive future led by a woman of substance. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1157428193583755264
If Mercer’s money, Putin, the Russian military, GOP cons, and the networks had not intervened in the 2016 election, America—led by Hillary Clinton—would be on this list of coronavirus success stories. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1281076142829527041
So you see, it’s not about ideology, it’s about corruption to stay in power by any memes necessary. Truth, facts are sacred. We are fighting for truth. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1284501302605561856
Ideology is generally a cover for hiding the financial corruption. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1275989368209989633
Practicing the perp walk. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1282347364594794496
Then again, the GOP is mob deep in perps. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1200475621383499776
Bottom line, “if you’re not protesting, now would be a good time to start”— @TimothyDSnyder https://twitter.com/timothydsnyder/status/1284545320458887168
“Anti-science” is code for greed. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1144439857931902976
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