ranking kpop groups 😋👍
bts - 7/10

love those boys but army ruined the experience for me. their old music sucks but their recent stuff is good as fuck.
exo - 3/10

i don’t listen to them but tempo, love shot and the eve are good. kai is cute but i don’t like his style of dancing :/
blackpink - 6/10

love my girls and they need to leave yg but only reason i gave them a 6/10 is bc jennie really drags the group down with her lazy dancing 🚶‍♂️otherwise their music slaps & they deserve way better
red velvet - 8/10

psycho soty. ever since what happened to wendy it really showed how much they really need her to succeed. seulgi is overrated & not that pretty 🤭 also how tf is irene almost 30 like she looks like she’s 24 at most 😣
seveteen - 5/10

aju nice and left & right are the only good songs by them that i’ve heard :/ joshua & minghao prettiest memebers. that short guy looks like yoongi & their leader is kinda ugly 😕
got7 - 2/10

the 3 underlined are ugly,, especially the one on the right. jackson and bambam are the only things keeping that group popular. their music is shit.
stray kids - 10/10

deadass one of the best groups i’ve ever come across. no visual holes, music is amazing plus they write their own music. skz honestly are better than bts but yall armys only care about dragging any group other than bts to realise they’re acct amazing.
nct 127 - 8/10

i stan but they don’t really have the best music. i mainly only stan for the members since they’re all so talented and likeable. neo zone was good tbh no skips but their other songs aren’t the best, except the english ver. of songs
nct dream - 9/10

only reason they aren’t 10/10 is bc of sm treating them like shit and only giving them one comeback a year. they have so much potential and sm knows that but they don’t care. jisung is the best dancer tbh like him being only 18 & THAT good already is just /wow/
gidle- 3/10

they do have some good music but soyeon keeps dragging those girls into her messes. she does not care about culture appropriation and it’s getting annoying. also the other members besides yuqi and shuhua seem like straight up bitches
twice - 5/10

the token gg for bg stans. they really only have good title tracks. their bsides suck ngl. jihyo & jeongyeon are annoying and honestly if they left the group it wouldn’t hurt twice at all 😳
txt- 4/10

only good album was their debut. they’re really only popular because they’re under the same company as bts. their members are ugly expect for soobin.
mamamoo - 1/10

the amount of culture appropriation they do especially hwasa is insane. not to mention hwasa us probably the most racist idol. they do make good music but the shit they do rlly ruins it for me
loona - 2/10

members are cute expect vivi and haseul. so what is their only good song. overrated. nothing else to say.
itzy - 10/10

honestly another token gg for the bg stans but besides that their music slaps, their members are talented asf and gorg. their only bad song is ting ting ting. 🤷‍♀️
monsta x - 2/10

they’re only popular because of how much english music they put out. all ugly expect minhyuk.
ateez - 8/10

really do make good music, are mostly cute except those two that look the same like yunho & jongho or something idk. i just can’t get myself to stan. they’re a group i can listen to once or twice before i get bored
momoland - 3/10

members are cute but their songs all sound the same. that’s all i gotta say
oh my girl - 3/10

same as mamamoo, they’re racist and never learn but they do make good music. some of them are cute idrc to look up which members i think arent.
izone- 9/10

love them, only reason they are a 9 is bc they’re a produce group and they’ll have to disband soon but can’t rlly control that. music slaps and really are one of the best ggs along with itzy
clc - 8/10

really deserve better. sorn is kinda annoying idk but their music is good
day6 - 2/10

overrated As Fuck. only reason they even have fans is bc they are a band and bc jae is iconic. the rose is better but sadly have a shitty company they doesnt let them have comebacks 👎
everglow - 7/10

really like their music and members but i feel like ppl put them up against itzy when they’re both good. but their line distribution sucks ass. mia has so many lines while onda only gets the “nanana’s” of the songs.
kard - 0/10

literally no good songs, bm is annoying as fuck and is chasing that 10 mins of fame he got from talking about tiddies. y’all need to stop giving him clout hes honestly cringy as fuck. also the other guy in that group is basically nonexistent no one cares abt him 😭
dreamcatcher - 0/10

no good songs, they need to change their name. no cute members they honestly just need to go 🤢
apink - 2/10

they’re old as fuck and need to just stop their music is not good
favorite - 7/10

so underrated. music slaps, members are pretty. y’all need to stan
weki meki- 5/10

i just get annoyed anytime i see them on the tl & those two members that were in ioi are the most annoying imo. really don’t have many pretty members. they have Some good songs.
mcnd- 9/10

besides the culture appropriation w bics hair during ice age era they’re a really great group. their music is great and they’re all so young uet so talented already
secret number - 2/10

debut song was horrible and their members are ugly. only reason people stan them is bc of that jinny girl bc she used to be friends w like blackpink or something idk
wooah- 8/10

they’re a good group, their debut song was okay. nana is adorable idk i don’t really have much to say about them 🤷‍♀️
weeekly- 10/10

tag me is a bop. the members are fucking adorable. i just adore them. def roty along w mcnd 😋
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