ranking all of jean-paul valley’s suits out of 10: a thread 😌
sword of azrael suit- 6/10, it was technically his father’s but he wore it for a bit. i like it but i doesn’t really suit jean
tim’s pre knightfall suit- 0/10, what the fuck tim why are you proud of this
azbats suit- 10/10, HELL YEAH, it’s sexy and edgy, and if you don’t like it you have no taste
azrael suit- 10/10, his best suit
agent of the bat suit, 6/10, i hated it when i first saw it, but it’s honestly grown on me
new 52/rebirth azrael suit- 8/10, not as good as his pre52 suit, but i like it
rebirth azbats suit- 9/10, i really like, again, not as good as the original, but it’s still sexy and edgy
justice league odyssey suit- 7/10, it’s fine, i don’t like how batmany it is and how gold is the main color instead of red
new gods suit- -10/10, what the fuck is this
tales from the dark multiverse: knightfall suit- 9/10, i despise the story but i REALLY like this suit
curse of the white knight azrael suit- 6/10, it’s fine, a bit too much for me
curse of the white knight azbats suit- 8/10, better than the azrael suit, and i really like the blue
batman the adventures continue azrael suit- 5/10, i’m not the biggest fan, there should be more red, and the gray pants don’t go well with the rest of it
batman the adventures continue azbats suit- 6/10, better than the azrael suit, but it’s really just the azrael suit with a different helmet
end of thread ✨
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