Inspiration p**n is something that many of us who are disabled feel really conflicted about. I do stuff, I do competitions & sometimes do well & when that happens I want people to know I'm disabled BUT it's vital to talk about what I CAN'T do as much as what I can.
What I never want is to be used for the narrative "see, this goes to show what you can do with the right attitude." No, I can't do it despite, or because, or whatever you have in your head about the relationship with being disabled that will absolve you from further thinking
I can do well at stuff because I'm good at that stuff, but unlike some other people, I can only perform really well at it if society affords me the accommodation I need for my hard work to 1. allow my talent to flourish but even more fundamentally 2. be possible
All of which is I think a way of explaining why there are parts of my life I am wary of talking about, because I'm ambivalent about the narratives they'll be made part of, but I nonetheless think it's important as a disabled person I do talk about them sometimes. Thx x
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