After an anti Christopher Columbus statue protest turned violent and injured dozens of protestors and police — “Blue Lives Matters” supporters are here to show solidarity for CPD. The statue has been “temporarily removed” at the request of @chicagosmayor #ChicagoProtests #BLM
There is a “Back the Blue” rally in Chicago, during a global pandemic. The vast majority of attendees are not wearing masks. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter   #BlueLivesMatter
Here we go! The first set of counter protestors have arrived. Tensions are flaring. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter   #BlueLivesMatter
Caught on camera yelling directions to CPD, who have allowed three avoidable fights in the last few minutes. I can’t be silent while people are being hurt. No. S/o to Glen Brooks. 📷: @MrJesusJMontero #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter
Glen Brooks, CPD Director of Public Engagement is proving police protection alone as fights erupt. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter
Police officers have allowed a “Black the Blue” protestor with a flag to cross the line. A fight ensues. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter   #BlueLivesMatter
Arguments are still happening. The offical Black Lives Matter rally is at 5pm. This is the pre show. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter   #BlueLivesMatter
“One of the Nazis punched a Black guy and the cops didn’t do s_.” - Protestor “I didn’t see it.” - Officer. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter   #BlueLivesMatter
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