Here's a thread on California's eviction protections -- I'm seeing a lot of confusion about this, even from tenant organizers.

The courts will supposedly open in mid-August.

This is a disaster because there IS NO EVICTION MORATORIUM. We need to be really clear on this. (1/)
Courts have basically not been processing eviction cases thanks to an emergency rule from the "Judicial Council."

These are the strongest protections in place right now, by far.

But we got word yesterday that the courts will likely open back up for evictions in mid-August.
But read what it actually says -- Newsom's order just allows cities to have stronger protections. That's all it does.

Newsom did not actually institute any statewide protections. He passed the bucket to cities to do it themselves.
And cities' protections are totally inadequate.

LA's for example: branded again as a "moratorium" or "ban" on evictions for people who can't pay rent due to COVID. But it's not actually that strong -- all this does is provide a defense in court.
So LA's rules you can say to a judge: "no actually you can't evict me, bc the reason I didn't pay was bc I lost income due to COVID, so I'm protected by the new rules."

BUT you have to get to that point first! And you probably need a lawyer to make this argument for you.
If you don't respond in 5 days once you get your eviction papers (which can be served to you once courts open in mid-August) you can lose on a "default judgment."

LA's rules don't protect you from this, nor do any other city's.

This is a huge problem.
So that's it.

Courts are set to open in mid-August.

There is no statewide eviction moratorium -- at all.

Local protections are completely inadequate and huge numbers of tenants will fall through the cracks.

We need to #CancelRent.
Ok smart lawyer comrade @seanchandra wants me to add something about AB 1436, which would basically convert rent debt to consumer debt so technically you can't be evicted for owing it... but imo it has the same problems as LA's protections.
@seanchandra can you look this over and make sure this is all accurate lol ?
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