Thread: @karanjohar signed @itsSSR for DRIVE to finish his career. He flooded his mailbox with filthy, humiliating, warning mails & threats of throwing Sushant out of the film even after 1st shoot was over. He asked for reshoot dates & added one more song. Check his Mails..
Sushant was preparing for Big Budget Chanda Mama Door Ke, a subject close to his heart. Karan started throwing tantrums of not being happy with the outcome & demanded reshoot dates. He managed to give time & finished reshoot. Karan stopped updating him on the movie.. Cont..
Sushant moved on thinking it was a bad decision of accepting DRIVE. Karan spoiled his image in the so called BIGGIES CIRCLE saying Sushant is not sincere, he is into drugs & is a flop actor. #MeToo articles started during the same time. Basically TRIED TO FINISH HIM COMPLETELY.
Sushant's PR agency was CAA KWAN that time who is hands in glove with Karan Johar.
Adding more names to the list who should be Summoned:
Founders of KWAN
1. @anirbanblah
2. @madmantena.
3. Trainer Samee Ahmed who knew Sushant in and out.
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