I thought this was a work of fiction, but it's factual.

It's about White slave trade, written in 1954. These trades were always of White women. Note how the back points out Hollywood tricks and discusses the INTERNATIONAL "blonde silk" markets. We (((know))) what that means.
This is another good book on the topic of the White slave trades in the modern era.

It's always been common, but hidden from us by the media. This book was written in 1911, and just like the previous book, it points out (((Hollywood))) tactics.
My favorite intellectual is Dr. William Pierce.

Although he professed to be an atheist, which I think most brilliant physicists are, his morals were Christ's principals.

He did a lot of work on the topic of the White slave trades. https://www.bitchute.com/video/q1GborL5Fxkp/
Going all the way back to the 7th century, we see jews capturing and enslaving White people.

Radanites were jews, plain and simple. All the way back then they were working with Arabs, just like they did in the Barbary Slave Trades of Whites under the banner of the Ottoman Empire
In fact, there were 2,000 JEWISH merchants shipping White people across the Black & Mediterranean Seas into the Barbary Slave Trades.

They perfected their craft for the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They were the only people who could work with both Muslims and Christians.
And Black people in the New World should be glad they didn't suffer the same fate as White men by their JEWISH slave traders.

White men were castrate before being shipped and sold.

It's time both Black and White people realize they have the same enemy, and it's not each other.
Even Wikipedia points out that pirates on the Mediterranean Sea were jews.

These jews captured fishermen, and well any European, and enslaving them under the banner of the Ottoman Empire.

There are many stories of American captains telling their horrors on the Mediterranean.
In 1625, "Muslim" pirates, probably JEWISH because of the proximate to Spain (which they hated). These pirates captured Lund Island in the Bristol Channel and created a control center and pillaged surrounding areas, capturing people of the British Isles for the White Slave Trades
Jews even admit they were pirates in the Barbary Slave Trade, and it all culminated when Spain kicked the Jews out in 1492.

Gee, I wonder why Spain would kick jews out. 🤔
Jews even brag about being pirates in the Caribbeans.

NEWS FLASH: They were also the sole Transatlantic Slave Traders. They were the only people that could work between Christians and Muslims because Christians and Muslims did not work with each other.
Funny thing is, no one is ever going to tell you the first African slaves in the Colonies at Jamestown, Virginia was dropped off there by a JEWISH pirate.

It wasn't White people, yet again!
Even in the Americas, there were more White slaves than Black.

People have a problem believing this because they think it was White people enslaving White people.

Truth be told, it was JEWS enslaving Irish Catholic, Protestant Scots, and poor Welsh\\Brits under Oliver Cromwell.
In fact, jews worked White people to death. In many places, workers were left where they died. African slaves were treated better than this.

The New Basin Canal in New Orleans is a mass grave of upwards to 30,000 Irish laborers.

Samuel Kohn, a jew, is responsible for that.
In 1717, it became law for convicts to be enslaved in the Americas. Returning without completion was punished by death.

MERCHANTS were given free reign over White people's mentality and the enslavement of convicts. Imagine the terror, knowing the traps that could be set for you.
Even in Poland, which was overflowing with jews and the sole reason for the start of WWII later on, the first time they were mentioned in historical records was with their Christian slaves. These were White people, Europeans!

Queen Judith did all she could to free them.
This book has a wealth of information on the topic of the jews from the UK and their White slave under Oliver Cromwell.

I hope to sift through it soon and relay back on the information I've found. Information like Aaron Lazarus and his White slaves.
And the jew David de Costa and his White slaves in Barbados.
Around 1654, Oliver Cromwell made the argument of letting jews back into the British Isles.

A huge debate ensued in parliament which ended up with people put in jail.

William Prynne was one of parliament who was sent to jail for opposition.
Oliver Cromwell worked closely with jews in Amsterdam who financed and controlled the Dutch West India Company.

Manessah Ben Israel was the driving force behind reentry into the British Isle. Isaac (Antonio) Lopez Suasso was the principle financier of the slave trading company.
When Oliver Cromwell let the jews back in, that was the beginning of the end of the UK and the start of the genocide of White people.

This is the first time the British dawned the RED coats. Jews always fight under the color of red, symbolizing Judah Perez in the Bible.
What came next was the English Revolution.

This was the 1st domino, sparking a chain reaction. Next was the French Revolution.

They beheaded King Charles I and started the enslavement of White people of the British Isles & Black people of Africa, working closely with Dutch jews
Interestingly enough, no connection is ever drawn between jews entering the British Isles and the British slave trades that started soon after.

Nor do they mention that this is exact moment jews, who ran Brazilian slave trades, arrived in the colonies when there were no slaves.
And they don't mention Oliver Cromwell's connection to both jews running UK slave trade AND the jews of Brazil who went to North America to start the slave trades in the colonies.
Yet, even the jew Menasseh Ben Israel (aka Manoel Dias Soeiro), who worked with Oliver Cromwell to re-enter the British Isles, made his fortune as a slave trader in Brazil.


They owe White people too, in many way.
In 1813, pirates captured Americans and enslaved them in Tunis.

I find it particularly interesting that George Washington sent Mordecai Manuel Noah, an extremely wealthy and influential pro-slavery jew, to free the captives. I bet the ransom money went right back in his pocket.
According to Wikipedia, and I bet the numbers are much higher by that fact alone, there were 1.25 MILLION White slaves in Tunis, Algiers and Tripoli along. 700 of them were AMERICANS captured on the Mediterranean Sea by pirates, and we know JEWS were pirate.
And just as I suspected, jews ran all commerce in Tunis where the American crew was enslaved.

They monopolized and controlled there just as the do everywhere else.

From the words written by Mordecai Manuel Noah, you can only assume they ran the Barbary Slave Trade.
And here we are today.

These same people enslave our people.

Jews Epstein and Maxwell ran a small time operation compared to the rest of them.
Brazil, Columbia, Fiji, London, and many other places.

Jews run the gambit in human trafficking, and they're not just dealing in White people.

This is exactly why they lead human rights organizations. All of them are run by jews, too. This is a problem. It's criminal.
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