Andrew Scheer cheated to become #CPC leader. The party covered it up - shredded all the ballots immediately after the vote. It was later revealed that Scheer embezzled $900,000. The party covered it up.
Pierre Poilievre, while NOT in gov’t, was mysteriously lobbied by... #cdnpoli
...The Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association. An organization whose members have been linked to espionage & criminal activity. They gave Poilievre a $21,600 trip for 7 days, to Taiwan w/ his then girlfriend. After alarm bells were raised on this “gift”... #cdnpoli
Poilievre had his staff submit new numbers 7 months later. Did Mario Dion’s office investigate these new numbers? There’s no evidence of that. At least not publicly available. Documents were submitted for the original $21,600 figure. Was Polivre’s office investigated? #cdnpoli
So forgive me if I don’t buy the latest strategy from propagandists like Rex Murphy ( or corrupt far right authoritarian ideologues who lie as easily as they breathe, like Pierre Poilivre. Notice the coordinated message across all of #PostMedia? #cdnpoli
For added clarity, this $21,600 all expenses paid 7 day trip to Taiwan that #PierrePoilievre was given by this lobbying group, was in 2017. #cdnpoli
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