Now that touring is off the table I have no idea how musicians make money.
Streaming royalties seem ridiculously insufficient.
The best approach would be micropayments - not advertising - for people who create and perform music. So if I listen to a song or watch a video I pay a tiny bit and barely notice. Could be funded in different ways.
Directly from consumers and patrons is the easiest and best. Problem is many people are conditioned to access music at very low costs.
Could be advertisers who pre-pay and then you support whom you wish. This is the win-win. Companies pay you to patronize your favorite artists. Builds relationship. Could see it as rebate for purchase too.
Other possibilities are grants or public funding.
Of course a Universal Basic Income would dramatically increase both the flexibility of and the resources that go to supporting artists. 👍
Some of my best friends growing up became touring musicians - I know how excruciatingly brutal it is to try and make a living in the industry even in normal times. You do it for the love but it’s rough.
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