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Gayatri mantra is the guru of all mantra and also called maha-mantra. It is one of the most important and widely chant mantra. This mantra is specifically meant for Thapas (तपस; the highest of Tantras) as it increases the heat in the body
burning up all muck at the physical level.

Mantra- ॐ भूर्भुवः स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Om (ॐ) = Brahman; The primeval sound of the Universe
bhur (भूर)= embodiment of vital spiritual energy (pran)
bhuwah (भुर्वः)= destroyer of sufferings
swaha (स्व:) realization of happiness
tat (तत्) = that
savitur (सवितुर् = bright like the sun
varenyam (वरेण्यं)= choicest
bhargo (भर्गो) = destroyer of sins
devasya (देवस्य) = divine
dheemahi (धीमहि)= may imbibe
dhiyo (धियो) = intellect
yo (यो)= who
naha (नः)= our
prachodayat (प्रचोदयात्)= may inspire

Gayatri Mantra was first recorded in the Rig Veda 3.62.10 and Yajur Veda 36.3. Sage Vishwamitra when he composed Rigveda, he put this mantra in it.

Why it is called maha-mantra or guru- mantra?
Gayatri maa is considered as the veda mata, Essentially, Maa Gayatri is seen to combine all the phenomenal attributes of Brahman. She is also worshipped as the Trimurti. Some also consider her to be the mother of all Gods and the culmination of Lakshmi, Parvati and Sarasvati.
Gayatri mantra has 24 letters. They are 1.tat, 2. sa, http://3.vi , 4.tur, 5. va, 6. re, 7.ṇi, 8.yaṃ, 9.bhar, 10,go, 11. de, 12. va, 13.sya, 14.dhī, 15. ma, 16.hi, 17.dhi, 18.yo, 19.yo, 20. naḥ, 21.pra, 22. co 23.da and 24.yāt.
These 24 Letters of Gayatri mantra represents 24 Vedic Rishis. They are: 1.vāmadeva, 2.atri, 3. vaśiṣṭha, 4.śukra, 5.kaṇva, 6.parāśara, 7. viśvāmitra, 8.kapila, 9.śaunaka, 10.yājñavalkya, 11.bharadwāja, 12.jamadagni, 13.gautama, 14.mudgala,
15.vyāsa, 16.lomasa, 17.agastya, 18.kauśika, 19.vatsa, 20.pulastya, 21. manḍūka, 22.dūrvāsa, 23.nārada, and 24.kaśyapa.

The 24 Letters of Gayatri mantra also represents 24 Vedic Meters, 24 Vedic Devatas,24 Śaktis, 24 Tattvas.
Gayatri mantra also have many verients. According to @ChanderPrabha who is an expert in this field, there are 48 types of gayatri mantra.

Few of them are -

• Rudra gāyatrī
* Brahma gāyatrī
* Kāma gayatri
* Nrisimha gāyatrī
How to chant it in the best way-

It should be chant 108 times between 4 to 8 morning and evening times.

It is shameful that these days a misconception is being spread that a woman can’t chant gayatri matra coz of blah blah reasons, a mantra whose root cause is a woman herself.
Okay, if you dont trust me and willing to give me xyz reasons for why women should not chant it, please keep the reasons with yourself. I dont want to see any crap like that here on this post.
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