1. Saket Gokhales father was a police officer and had been arrested/ suspended in a drug smuggling case and released.

This happened in Devendra Fadanvis's tenure in 2015 & seems to be the reason why Saket has a grudge over BJP.
2. A journalist first & then social worker, Saket claims to be inspired for social service by Rahul Gandhi & is staunch supporter of Congress party.

He also has filed a PIL in Allahabad High Court, with a hidden agenda of being a hinderance in the laying foundation in Ayodhya.
3. This PIL by Saket Gokhale has been obviously dismissed.

Before this though, he has been supported by all Shivsena/NCP/Congress officials & workers. Along with a controversial statement by Sharad Pawar excerpting, the covid pandemic wont be any lesser because of Ram Mandir.
4. Because of this PIL from Saket Gokhale, sentiments of people across the country who are eagerly waiting for the temple construction, after decades of successful legal battle, are hurted badly.
5. This gesture has been strongly condemned all over the country & Congress party has been
criticised for being anti Ram Mandir on social media.
Saket Gokhale has claimed, he received 138 calls in just 600 seconds from the RSS , which seems highly impossible!
6. A few people protested outside the residence of Saket, which was obvious as the action from him against Mandir had been condemned in Maharashtra too!
7. He made a laughebale accusation on the protesters outside his house, of being RSS 'goons' !
He informed himself about the protest through social media & Sachin Sawant, spokesperson of Maharashtra Congress, reacted immidiately upon it!
8. Taking cognizance of his tweet, Home minister Anil Deshmukh immidiately provided him a police protection.
No wonder upon the humanitarian approach of the HM on politically favourable VIPs unlike a common man, who have to scuffle for even an E-pass!
9. When video evidence of the said protests have came out, just because of the slogans or their attire, it would be unjustified to claim them politically allied to any party! More over that, the group of protesters promised not to injure Sanket physically!
10. All these events have raised a big question mark upon Congress party & its allies, as they're in power in Maharashtra, are they allowed to favour a person politically concurrent with them & opposing a legally won battle on Ram Mandir out of a vindictive approach on a party?
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