This is a thread about newspapers being unfair. Not partisan. @TheTorontoSun is partisan, for example - it is openly and unapologetically conservative. But the @TorontoStar likes to style itself as above partisanship. But it isn’t. Look at its featured stuff today.
Example one, from its daily headlines email. In one sentence, it states - as fact - that Doug Ford is “delaying” and “threatening” decisions simultaneously. And: how is a free COVID-19 test a “threat”? That’s Trumpian bullshit, One Yonge.
Example two: kids saying they “didn’t learn anything” this year, and implying it’s the fault of Ford. Here’s the honest truth: the pandemic has negatively affected all sorts of things, including education. Insinuating that’s someone’s fault is uneducated and dishonest.
Example three: the @TorontoStar is already offering strategies to the Trudeau government about how to extricate itself from the seamy #WEgate scandal - as if it is a game, and not really important. It’s not a game. And, PS, crimes may have been committed.
Example four: saying the aforementioned Ford government won’t properly fund education before, you know, it even happens.
Example five: Doug Ford is a “hypocrite,” “deprived a government of feedback,” has “a cowed caucus,” and so on. When, in fact, Ford removed from his caucus - not the legislature - a non-entity who voted against measures public health experts say we need to *keep people alive.*
You get the picture. If you want to be partisan, @TorontoStar, fine. But do it in the open, like the Sun et al do. Pretending to be fair when you’re not? Ain’t working, One Yonge. And perhaps that’s why you were recently forced to sell yourself for less than you had in the bank.
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