the united states legally declared Armenians as “white” in the early 1900s. this means armenians had access to white privilege and were able to eventually melt into the majority a la the irish or italians.

the kardashians are white. read White By Law to learn more.
the “armenia is in the caucus mountains so they’re white” argument is true too but ignores the reality of how whiteness works in America

Armenian immigrants weren’t subjected to segregation laws, they could own land/bank accts. they weren’t treated like minorities by our laws
do people not realize the kardashians are americans who live in america and are white because they’re in america where we have a system of racism based around whiteness? have armenian americans suffered horrible times due to the US legal system? no
this is like saying it doesn’t matter if the irish americans benefited from systems of white privilege in america because the irish are still oppressed by the british in ireland.

you can’t conflate these things lol, we’re talking about US systems of privilege/power
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