Consciousness exists as ethereal substance in the universe. In the dream, material motions (sensory perceptions) are suspended and we achieve the singularity because there is no polarity. In this state we become one with the universe and open to understanding that lies within 1/
Realized beings (a higher state of consciousness marked by aesthetics) and individual beings who change the world have received their formulas through vivid imagery in the dream state. 2/
The composer Brahms was once asked about how he came about his compositions and responded that he merely puts forth what he has received - in dreams.
The genius Tesla received his in graphic imagery (complete pictographs). 3/
In “The Interpretation of Dreams” Freud, in line with the hubris of the new fangled scientific discovery approach of his day denied any reflective significance in the dream and consequently unleashed a boundless stream of ignorance on the subject that still abounds to this day 4/
However, this understanding is increasingly punctured by new scientific research. Leaning on more advanced tools these studies are deciphering patterns and re-interpreting the dream as a profound psychological event. 5/
And how do we know about the nature of consciousness? Well, partly from philosophers and partly from scientific proof (the phenomenon of “ogbanje” or “Abiku” is as real as it gets).
Pls read the entire thread below: 6/
In the dream state we access a transcendental world (Kant’s “réalité nouménale”) beyond our everyday world of phenomenon, which permits the privileged to manifest wishes into material reality.
There are people - like me - whose future life paths are revealed in the dream. 7/
We must join Nietzsche to “laugh at the way in which precisely science at its best seeks to keep us in this simplified thoroughly artificial, suitably constructed and suitably falsified world - at the way in which, willy-nilly, it loves error, because, it loves life” 8/
You shared a moment with your grandma. If you take the time to develop your consciousness further you’ll have many more of this event - if that is your wish. 9/ END
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