Next week the Minister for Housing will introduce a rent bill. It'll be rushed through in a couple of days to become law before the recess.

It's complex, but here's what it does:
Notices of termination *for non payment of rent only* which specify a termination date before Jan 11th shall not apply if issued to relevant persons.
A relevant person is a person who has served a notice on their landlord and a true copy on the RTB stating that there is a substantial risk that the tenancy is at risk *and* who was in receipt of a covid specific government payment *and* is unable to pay the rent.
It's not clear if a relevant person has to issue a declaration before they receive a notice of termination or if this can be done after one is recieved. It will be a criminal offence to serve a false notice.
For relevant persons the notice period for non payment of rent will be 90 days rather than 28 days at present.
The freeze on upward rent reviews will continue until Jan 11th, but it appears only for relevant persons.
The next sections appear to apply to both relevant and non-relevant persons, however relevant persons have the extra protections above.
Where a notice of termination is issued by a landlord for non-payment of rent the landlord must issue the same notice, on the same day, to the RTB. Failure to do this will invalidate the notice.
When the board recieves the notice they will contact the tenant inform them about their right to lodge a dispute, and offer advice about social welfare payments and put them in touch with MABS.
The RTB adjudicators and tribunals are to have regard to the advice offered when deciding on eviction notices.
The notice period for people in the non-relevant person category will be extended slightly.
To sum up. The ban on evictions for most of the grounds ends on August 10th. In respect of non-payment of rent the ban is extended until Jan 11th for some people. For everyone else there are new procedures for evictions for non-payment of rent.
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