Amidst all the gloom of our inexorable & torturous slide into a dystopian future, there is something amusing about the daily reminders we are treated to of how politics has changed in the last decade.

Such as POTUS45 bragging about acing his dementia test.
Wonder if part of the debate will be Trump challenging Biden to a spelling bee.

Reckon he'd still need to cheat to win though.

Chair of debate: "Please spell the name of your favourite president of all time, then tell us why"

Trump: Awww this is gonna be easy. "D-O-N...
Also, one of our MPs tweeting about volunteering at a food bank that provides food for the very people he & his party willingly impoverished. That can get fucked.
Also, remember when he ran for Tory leader and thought the slogan "Ready for Raab" was hip & cool? Sounded like a god damn warning. I mean, the guy is good looking in a 'what if' kind of way. But that slogan felt a bit like an ad line for rape alarms.
So yeah. 2020 can get fucked.
Wonder what they'll call this curious period to keep it low profile in the history books as the shameful joke it is.

Bit like the history books referred to our brief period as a republic after the civil war as the "interregnum".
Also 2020: 1st term year of an Etonian Tory Prime Minister who worked for the Telegraph and Spectator, has absolutely no idea about average Joe life up in the North. Landslided in by average Joes in the red wall north.

Can't tell what's real anymore.
This is actually quite therapeutic. May tweet on this thread all the absurdities of the past year and decade until the world sorts itself out.

Piers Morgan a hero of the left on Twitter. It's like we are all high on drugs or part of a mass group delusion.
Also, this whole labelling business is starting to grate. It can be powerful, & I have participated in it, but it's getting stupid.
Giving complex ideas that require nuance & thought short names & simplistic meaning is restricting debate & just allows people to label some thing or someone they don't like and discard it/them, instead of engaging & winning the argument.
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