Welcome to the WH daily shadow press briefing -- morning after edition. For those who are new here, think of the briefing as a sci-fi novel. @PressSec provides the fiction, we provide the science. So let's get right to questions.
2. Q. I want to ask you about the convention and then I have another question on foreign policy. First of all, has President Trump determined where he’s going to or how he’s going to deliver his speeches that he was working on that yesterday? A. As i'm sure you can tell,
3. we don't have a firm grasp on what we're doing. But the whole Florida thing was a good experiment. We wanted to see if our delegates would risk their lives for us. Turns out, just like in Tulsa, they were not. We did manage though to piss off voters in two swing states.
4. Not bad, for one decision. As far as we can tell, we didn't piss off anyone in Ohio, so thats good. Q. And I want to ask you about something that he tweeted back in April. He said, “Joe Biden wanted the date for the Democratic National Convention moved to a later time period.
5. Now he wants a virtual convention, one where he doesn’t have to show up. Gee, I wonder why.” Does the President regret that now? A. I can honestly tell you the President has never regretted anything in his life, not even Stormy Daniels, well he regretted having to pay her off
6. Hard to have regrets without a soul. That's a big clue folks to why he does what he does. Q. I wanted to ask you about the President’s phone call with Vladimir Putin. Did the President raise the issue of Russian bounties on the lives of American troops during that phone call?
7. A. @realDonaldTrump did not raise the bounty on our soldiers because he didn't want to offend Putin. He'd rather are soldiers get targeted than pissing off his strongest ally and banker for that matter. Surprised you guys aren't asking me more about that.
8. Q. Has he made a determination, Kayleigh about what happened? He’s been briefed now, right? A. He was briefed all the way along, can't believe some of you still buy that he didn't know. He knows what happened, how dangerous it is and is not going to do a damn thing about it
9. Or you can believe that there were just more important things to discuss with Putin in 7 calls over the last months. Q. Yes. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell announced that John Lewis Will be lying in state at the Capitol on Monday and Tuesday. Does the President plan to go
10. to the Capitol to visit John Lewis on one of those days? A. He may or may not depending on the weather and his golf schedule. But i can assure you that even if he goes, he doesn't give a damn about John Lewis. No place for him in MAGA America.
11. Q. So the Senate has approved, overwhelmingly, a bill that would require the renaming of bases that are named after Confederate leaders. How and how is it that Senator Inhofe assured the President he was going to be able to remove that from legislation that has passed both
12. chambers of Congress. A. This is a tough one for him, not really. He'll veto it because his campaign is more important to him than protecting America and he'll convince the spineless GOP to go along. Problem is he doesn't get this loses him votes. We've told him that.
13. Q. I think you probably hear this often. When can Americans expect some money in their pockets by way of stimulus? What’s the President’s plan to get that money to them as quickly as possible? And just a question about COVID reporting. Is the White House at all concerned
14. about inaccuracies or inconsistencies with respect to COVID deaths report? A. The President only wants to put money in the pockets of people who support him, so it's complicated to get that right. Everyone else can go pound sand as far as he's concerned.
15. On covid numbers, we want confusion, we want people to not trust the numbers. Most of all, we want to tamper with the data so no one ever knows how big a disaster this was. Q. Drug pricing is so critical to America’s seniors. Often you hear terrible stories, frankly, about
16. people having to ration drugs because of the incredible cost. What exactly practically can the American public expect the President to do to lower the cost of prescription drugs? A. The President hasn't done anything about this in 3.5 years why would he start caring now.
17. He doesn't. He gets all the drugs he needs. Q. This morning, Dr. Birx said that it is still an open question how rapidly children under 10 can actually spread COVID-19. But the other day the President said they don’t bring it home very easily and they don’t transmit very
18. easily. So shouldn’t we figure out which one of those it is before kids go back to school? A. Let me help you out a little here. You guys keep getting stuck by thinking the President views this as a public health crisis. He doesn't. This is a political issue for him. And he
19. thinks that's a winning issue for him to force kids back to school. He bases that on his personal experience of never wanting to see his own kids, much less having them under foot 24/7. And Dr. Birx noted that today unless kids have an underlying condition, but she said,
20. they do not know how rapidly they can spread it still if they’re under 10. And that’s one of the President’s top advisors. A. You're not listening. This isn't about science or any of that Dr. crap. So who cares what science says, especially the @potus
21. On the President’s call with the Russian President yesterday. Today, the nation’s top counter intelligence officials said that Russia is one of three countries that is actively working to interfere in our election. Did the President bring up election interference on the call
22. with the Russian President yesterday? A. Of course they talked about it. It's called a strategy meeting with Putin. They talked about the various targets that were important and the disinformation campaign on Biden. @potus is frankly a little impatient with the programs
23. progress. But there's not much he can do since Putin is his loan shark. Now i know there is some question of whether i was on the call or not, but that doesn't matter. We make things up so not being on the call is an advantage.
24. Around 20 million Americans are receiving expanded un-insurance benefits and some are going to receive the last of those checks tomorrow. Has Senate Republicans in the White House settled on a plan yet to extend UI? If so, can you explain what the plan is? And if not, did
25. you wait too long to try to start this out? A. The thing the President cares about is the FBI building staying near his hotel. That is important to his family business. Once he gets that everyone else can get their money. @potus always gets paid first thought.
26. China ordered the closing of one of our diplomatic facilities there in retaliation for what happened in Texas. We haven’t really heard from the White House. So if you could spell it out specifically why you guys decided to close the Houston facility? I know that there’s
27. obviously broad complaints that you’ve raised for weeks with China, but why Houston specifically? And secondly, if you had a reaction to the steps China took? A. Texas is a swing state and the campaign said this anti china stuff is working there.
28. he President’s tone on the virus this week seems to have changed. He’s advocated a few different times for Americans to wear masks. He said that the pandemic would get worse before it gets better. He canceled most of the convention or certainly the Florida part yesterday.
29. All of these things were bad two months ago, even longer than that, and the science on masking has been clear for several months. What changed this week? Why did his tone change? A. He looked at the polls and knew he had to shake it up. He also knew some of you would fall
30. for it. Trust me, the President hasn't changed. He's not capable of it. See 48 tweets before 9a on Weds and calling Obama a lowlife. Now i'm going to ignore tough questions for awhile and see if i can find someone in the room who will let me change the subject. Anyone?
31. There has to be one selfish person in this room. Ah you over there. Dont tell me you're actually working together to get answers? Ok someone help me out. Q.I want to ask about the Senate defense authorization bill which passed by a veto proof majority yesterday, and the
32. House earlier this week also passed their version of the defense bill also by a veto proof majority. And both of those bills contain mandates that the Pentagon rename these military bases which are named in honor of Confederate generals. I want to ask you. Does the President
33. Does the President believe that his position, which we’re all familiar with, it’s helpful in terms of recruitment, specifically for African Americans? Explain how that position will help recruit African Americans and an all volunteer military force.
34. A. He doesn't think it will help recruit African Americans. He thinks those people should be subject to the draft. Q. But I’m asking you specifically, how is this helpful for an African American woman who wants to volunteer for our all volunteer military forces, to go to a
35. base that’s named for a Confederate general that worked to still put and keep in place slavery, which impacted their ancestors? A. Asked and answered. And don't give me i didn't answer your question. I never answer the question you're asking. Don't be such a baby.
36. Q. I want to circle back to school choice which you mentioned a few minutes ago. So that means shifting the potential for shifting federal funds away from schools that don’t open so the parents can use it as funds for homeschooling or private schooling. The President
37. opposes defunding police. Why is defunding public schools okay? A. Listen, being President is a hard job and he's not very smart. So it's a little much to ask him to be consistent. His base doesn't hold him to that standard. Why can't you be more like his base?
38. Q. With a payroll tax cut now the table, is there anything that the White House considers a red line in negotiations with Democrats? And then also have another question. A. The President loves redlines especially when it comes to keeping blacks out of his neighborhood.
39. So, yes. Q. And then President Trump called off the convention in Florida citing safety. Does that give him pause for any of his future upcoming travel like to Texas next week, which is a hotspot? A. You give way too much credence to the idea of the President and thought.
40. The accusation that China is stealing intellectual property [inaudible 00:00:21:24]. But why give this order to shut down and the consulate in Houston now? A. Check you calender, the election is in about 100 days.
41. Q. On the case to reopening schools, just minutes after the President announced that he was going to cancel the Republican convention events in Jacksonville, he also made the case again for reopening schools. So why is it not safe to hold the Republican convention, but it is
42. safe to reopen schools? A. Let's get real here. @realDonaldTrump cancelled the convention because no one was going to come. Period. And he demands schools reopen because he thinks it will win him parents votes who are sick of their kids. Period. Like my Sean Spicer thing?
43. Q. I have a question about COVID but first I want to ask about the use of federal officers. Does the President believe he has the power to send DHS agents and officers anywhere in the country that he wants to? A. Yes he does. And this should be seen as an exercise to be
44. ready for law enforcement action to nullify his loss in November. He knows he can't get the Pentagon or the FBI to overthrow an election, but those tools at DHS, led by head tool Chad Wolf, love to play with guns and they'll do whatever he says. Buckle up for thanksgiving
45. folks. Q. But for those DHS to fit those officers and agents, does he believe he has the power to send them anywhere he wants? A. Of course he does, he doesn't need no stinking legal authority. It's is the power of the Donald.
46. Q. And just to follow up on that, I mean, has the President reminded those federal agents and officers that their constitutional obligation to not violate search and seizure rights and not take people into custody without cause? A. Of course he didn't. Aren't you paying
47. attention. He's using this force to overturn the constitution, not protect it. Q. But the President said he loves the Constitution. We haven’t heard him speak about that particular part of the Constitution in his context. A. Well he has ideas to make it better.
48. Q. President Trump has repeatedly said that he wouldn’t watch sports or support sports if players continue to kneel. So why has he agreed to throw out the first pitch at the Yankees game next month, considering that they saw players kneel at last night’s games? A. At this
49. point, we think even the cardboard fake fans would boo him. We've tried to explain to him that things have changed since he first went off on black athletes. But he's not in the listening mood. So no Yankee stadium trip guys. Sorry.
50. We understand that the Governor of Florida is on campus today. Can you confirm after you talk about that visit, will he be meeting with the President? A. They're trying to figure out how to apportion the blame and still come out alive.
51. Do you have any guidance on when the President will be signing that immigration order that he’s been talking about on DACA? A. Yes. It will be in two weeks, or two weeks after the comprehensive health care program he promised two weeks ago to be ready in two weeks. Got it?
52. Now let me turn to my inhouse reporter who will set up a really cool video of riots and mayhem in our streets. We hope you enjoy our propaganda video, we learned a lot from the Germans in the 30's on this and hope your weekend is ruined by breaking news. See ya.
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