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Meaning of Epiphany(A thread):
Epiphany literally made me cry. It gave me goosebumps and it was by far one of the most emotional songs I heard on folklore. Epiphany is about everything that is going on in the world till now(Wars, COVID-19).
She has drawn a parallel between a soldier’s life and the life of doctors and nurses treating Corona infected patients. She sings “And somethings you just can’t speak about.” referring to horrors a war veteran has seen.
The trauma it causes inside a person’s brain who has witnessed a war. She also sings “Something med school did not cover.”
Clearly no one predicted this pandemic and it happened so suddenly and it was unexpected for everyone. But still in this unexpected situations, doctors, like soldiers are fighting hard.
Taylor further adds that she will help and serve with these soldiers and doctors to fight war and this disease. Both of them don’t get to sleep, but when they do, they dream of some epiphany, for some relief.
Towards the end, we can hear a faint heart monitor sound.
This song hold a special place in my heart and it means something different to me. For me the meaning of this song is very different.
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