I connected the dots and I think these are the 6 dropouts of Iland. Sorry if your pick is in here :(
1. Seon(deserves WAY BETTER)
2. Jaebeom(this is annoying he's so talented)
He's the only one not wearing a full sleeve outfit and he's the only one wearing gloves on his left hand.
3. Geonu(one question...WHY THE FUCK)
I saw a lot saying he was wearing a backpack and his name plate was already removed. To add evidence him and jungwon(i think) were the only ones wearing boots. the photo on the left is Geonu
4. Youngbin(he tried so hard this is so sad)
He wasn't wearing a harness before, it was a full white outfit so the black thing definitely a backpack and he was on the reflection inside the egg. Many ilanders hugged him
5. Kyungmin(not that sure)
When jake hugged Kyungmin, Jake was the first one to say "you did well" like a goodbye.
Kyungmin was hugged a lot by other ilanders. And I also saw a lot of people saying that the white bag was his.
6. Ej (Not that sure)
He didn't cry in the previews. He was even smiling when Sunghoon hugged him. (this is breaking my heart)
Mnet even showed all of these four one after another
so this might be
The color of their outfits match too
but disclaimer we might get 🤡🤡🤡
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