I want to address this very common objection to getting involved politically and this is for everyone, not just Aussies. As a long time political activist, this is by far the most popular reason people give for why they don't want do something. A thread: /1 https://twitter.com/toomuchfandango/status/1286888104305950721
There is very little in the way of any kind of activism that I would call a waste of time. It's true that not every action will net significant, tangible results, but that doesn't mean there are no results. /2
When it comes to changing hearts and minds- which is what politics is all about- this is a private affair for most people. Few will change their mind on the spot. They go away and reflect on it privately and it could be years before the seed you planted in their mind sprouts. /3
You will probably never know that you caused that. Nor will you see how many people they convince in turn. You don't even know that you're a link in a chain. But trust that you are. /4
When it comes to something like contacting your lawmakers, yes, many of them are set in their ways. The goal with them is not to change their mind, but to make sure they feel the heat of opposition. Do you really want them to win so easily? /5
And you might say, there's no point even opposing them when they are still going to get their way eventually. Why bother? Man, that is such a defeatist attitude and if you are that demoralised, you have already fallen in battle. /6
I am reminded of the ending of Lord of the Rings. After the battle of Pelennor Fields, what remained of the army of Gondor and their allies gathered in the White City. They had no idea if Frodo was even still alive and chances seemed slim that he was. /7
It seemed pretty certain that Sauron would win. But they had to hope, for they had no other choice. They had to believe Frodo was still alive. How could they help him? They could buy him time and create a diversion. /8
They took what was left of their demolished army and marched on the black gates in what was a near certain suicide mission. For Frodo. For a miracle. And as it turned out, that diversion was exactly what Frodo needed in order to complete his task. /9
We too must buy time. We must hope for that miracle. We do not know what forces of good are gathering that just need a little more time to come to fruition. Therefore, we must always act on the side of buying time. /10
So whatever activism you think is a waste of time, it's not. Because you can never know what the outcome is. You cannot know if your ripple will turn into a wave somewhere. /11
It astonishes me that people waste so much time complaining on social media and then say that real world activism is a waste of time. If you think shouting into the ether of the internet is worth your time, then it should be equally worth your time to email or call your MP. /12
Don't give up so easily, my friends. The battle of this world is not lost. There is still hope. "Look to my coming, at the first light on the 5th day, at dawn, look to the east." /13
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