🐥 What color do you like?
🍑 Just color-wise, I like blue (and) the color of the ocean.
🐥 Mine is...
🍑 You'll say something strange again ㅍㅅㅍ
🐥 Listen! Mine is Jinyoung's voice color (tone).
🍑 I knew it 😂

#GOT7 #Jinyoung @GOT7Official
🐥 Oh? Jinyoung, there's something on you!
🍑 (Looks down)
🐥 You bow/greet well ~


#GOT7 #Jinyoung @GOT7Official
🐥 It's your handwriting on the Memo It, right?
🍑 I wanted to write it well so I tried my best.
🐥 Ah, you practiced your handwriting?
🍑 I... no, I... 😅 I'm not an infant ㅍㅅㅍ I'm not a kindergarten student.

#GOT7 #Jinyoung @GOT7Official
OP has a Jinyoung doll hanging in the background as decor.

🍑 I'm dangling over there? It kinda feels pitiful...? 😂

#GOT7 #Jinyoung @GOT7Official
🐥 Fans see Jinyoung as a cat or a dog too. What do you think of the two?
🍑 I'd like it if I'd be called as a human. I'm always seen as an animal...
🐥 (You're a) person!
🍑 Ah, I... 😂 I'm a ca— ah, I'm a dog ~

#GOT7 #Jinyoung @GOT7Official
Here's Jinyoung telling you, "No! You'll get in trouble if you cheat! ☝️🏻" on loop.

#GOT7 #Jinyoung @GOT7Official
🐥 With or without bangs?
🍑 With.
🐥 Black or brown hair?
🍑 Brown!
🐥 Park-gae (dog) or Nyeong-nyang (cat)?
🍑 Park-gae!
🐥 Soft or hard peach?
🍑 Soft!
🐥 Crispy or soggy cereal?
🍑 Crispy!
🐥 Home Run Ball or Kanchyo?
🍑 Home Run Ball!

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