Okay, this one is a doosie but this needs to be debunked. I hear right-wingers say #BlackLivesMatter is a "terrorist organization" and "is trying to destroy the nuclear family". No proof of that organization trying to kill people or destroy the nuclear is seen. What is the truth?
Typically what I see is people say "This person who marches with them says/does something terrible!". So the actions of one person reflects on an entire organization and movement? That makes no sense.
The next one is: "One of the leaders is a Marxist Communist!" My response is: SO WHAT? Being a communist is not akin to being authoritarian. Authoritarianism is it's own animal and communism is a system of economics and government that wants to be rid of a state and property.
Dr. King was a Democratic Socialist, do you think he's evil, too? Even though you quote him every January.

Another response: "They say they want to burn the system down!"
My response: GOOD. We need to rebuild the system. Using the phrase "burn it down" doesn't necessarily mean
literally, it means metaphorically to tear down oppressive structures of institutional racism and oligarchy and put in a more just, equitable and fair system that gives dignity to all. "Burn the system" it just quicker and easier to say (plus it sounds badass).
These same ones
will then bring up "black on black crime", aka CRIME. But one thing to look out for is that they NEVER propose solutions other than "you/we black people need to deal with our own shit". Do we need to? Yes. Is ALL the blame rested squarely on our shoulders? HELL NO
So the actual
solutions to these issues are regarded as "radical" or "extreme". #DefundThePolice, ending the war on drugs, #MedicareForAll, #UBI, #LegalizeMarijuana, #LivingWage is seen as extreme. These are literally some of the solutions but since it threatens the power of the elite, it's
viewed with hostility. More cops isn't the answer because we already did that. #GunControl helps but the underlying issues are still there so the situation is not fixed. #DefundPolitics is really the BEST way to combat this. We can discuss problems all day but who offer solutions
are what matter. Because the real solutions put the power back in the hands of black working people and really ALL working people. So, don't fall for the right-wing tropes.
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