why seven by taylor swift is about harry styles - a thread ✨
“please picture me in the trees” harry goes outside and there’s trees there!
“i hit my peak at seven” he was seven once!
“high in the sky with pennsylvania under me” harry tours which means he flies in airplanes so he’s probably flown over pennsylvania
“sweet tea in the summer” THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! harry is british, so he drinks tea!
“your braids like a pattern”
“your dad is always mad and that must be why” in young and beautiful des is mad a lot!
“then you won’t have to cry or hide in the closet” harry is rich and famous so he probably has a really big closet he could hide in... oBvIoUsLy that’s what this line is about
“please picture me in the weeds” his bandmates louis and zayn got caught doing the weed and harry felt excluded! this is why he does shrooms
“pack your dolls and a sweater” there’s dolls made out of harry and he dresses like a grandma so he has sweaters!
“our love lasts so long” they’re both old
end of thread! hope you enjoyed!
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