I think it's about time cis-het men grow up into fully developed beings that can make actual friends and connect with people instead of just going "ahem lets play some FIFA" and then being all jealous that women seem to genuinely love each other and know how to express that. bruh
Bruh, look at these females bruh, always drama, always disagreeing, but then all uwu love; look at us, never discussed a single thing ever, we just know each other's names, this is real bonding
Only time cis het men truly bond is when they are doing dodgy things (usually to the women in their lives) and need reassurance from other dude bros that its totes ok. "Never called each other out, this is friendship, uwu, cheers."
Cis het boys dont have friends. They have boys' clubs. Where they meet regularly to decide how women should interact with each other and where.
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