Did you know the fed. gov't knows how to determine the citizenship status of **ANYBODY** who's receiving federal assistance? In any form? Of any any kind?

Food stamps. Housing. Unemployment. Stimulus checks.

Filling out the CENSUS FORM is a useless exercise at this point.

Because the federal gov't **already knows** who all the legal citizens are, county by county. And how MOST of the illegals are, if they ever got food stamps or any other kind of federal assistance.
So Trump fixed this more than a year ago, signing that executive order to have the federal agencies share their records to determine how many citizens live in each county, how many are illegal, and the so there'll be little guesswork involved here.
So when the federal government adds up the total population of **citizens** county by county in this country, thanks to the Executive Order President Donald J. Trump signed this Tuesday, not a SINGLE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT will appear in that county's population total.


The **actual** citizen population will then be used to determine how many Congressional seats each state is awarded in the House of Representatives.

That citizen pop. # will **also** be used to reapportion the number of ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES each state has.


The Wisconsin GOP grew some balls and **challenged** the WI Dem. party's attempt to keep counting "found" ballots after election day.

The Supreme Court then set a national precedent: all ballots cast as mail-in or absentee - **MUST** be postmarked by the day of the election.
ANY ballot that cannot be **proven** to have been cast prior to or on election day cannot be legally counted.

So the rules are set for the 2020 election.

The Supreme Court is not going to forbid WI from doing that but allow it in CA.
The ruling states the ballots cast **must be in the hands of the county election clerk by the end of election day**.

ANY ballots that come into the clerk's possession AFTER election day can **only be counted** if a postmark shows it was cast before or on election day.
So the days Democrats could "find" a box of ballots just sitting somewhere a week later and bring them in to be counted are over.

And surprisingly enough, the mainstream media doesn't feel particularly compelled to alert you to this.

So relax and be of good cheer, little flock.

Donald Trump is gonna smash the Democratic Party into a greasy spot.

ADDENDUM: California has 53 House seats.

I've no idea how many they'll lose, but it will be mostly in Democrat run districts.

California also has 55 Electoral College votes.

Losing 5-10 of those would be significant shift.
Texas has 38 Electoral College votes.

It has 36 House seats.

Texas will also be losing House seats & EC votes.

And again, this will mostly be in the blue Democrat-controlled areas of the state.
Those are the big 2 when it comes to illegal immigrant population.

While Texas will lose some seats and EC votes, the Democrats chances of flipping the state red will take a massive hit.
Ah yes, last night when I did this thread I meant to say to the chances of the Democrats flipping the state BLUE will take a massive hit.

So I'm being told:

"Illegals stay off the federal gov't radar while getting federal assistance."

"Illegals gets all those food stamp, WEC, SNAP money from state & local authorities, not the feds!"

Once again, nobody knows how anything works.

"The agency said that the funding would come from the federal government."

Well of course it is. Food stamps, SNAP, WEC, those are FEDERAL programs.
Understand this and write it down so you don't forget.

All federal money comes with STRINGS ATTACHED.


And strings and regulations mean RECORDS.

Lots and lots of RECORDS about how much $, who got it, etc.
I was on food stamps myself for a 6 month period back in 2008.

So I know about all the forms you fill out, all the info you have to give the local office, all the RECORDS that are created to get that 'free public assistance'.
I had to give them all my bank accounts.

I had to give them info on my car.

Where I lived, how much my rent was.

My employment history.

Education history.

NOBODY just gets federal $$$ just handed to them in food stamps, WEC, SNAP, housing, unemployment benefits.
So all the poseurs striking their usual pose and smirking while they tell me there's no point to this thread and there's no point to Trump's two Executive Orders because illegals GET THE FEDERAL BENEFITS without 'entering the federal system' can take a hike right now.
Your ignorance of how things work is not my problem and your hot take that Trump wrote two useless Executive Orders does not impress me.

Just want to be clear about that.


All right I see I have to explain something else.

The illegal immigrants in the country in states like CA and TX are receiving a MASSIVE amount of federal benefits.

To get those benefits, the illegals have be in the federal records.

Easy to follow so far?
Because of the **extensive federal records system** across the different federal agencies that handle federal benefits given to much of the US illegal population, would you be surprised to learn...
...that the federal government knows the PRECISE NUMBER of illegal immigrants living in each and every county of the United States **who receives any form of federal benefits?

They don't have to guess.

They KNOW.

They **know** how many there are.
President Trump back in July of 2019 **ordered** all the federal agencies such as HHS & others who dole out federal bennies to **check their records** and come up with a PRECISE NUMBER of illegals getting federal benefits inside each particular county in the United States.
I live in San Patricio County in Texas.

The federal gov't searched it's records so right now by checking the database, they can see **exactly** how many illegals in this county are getting food stamps, WEC, SNAP, unemployment, housing aid, etc.
Poseurs try again:

"These people aren't in the system. Trump wasted two Executive Orders and you're a moron" the poseurs are telling me now.

"I have personal experience, you see. These illegals get the bennies without leaving the records behind. It's magic!"
Poseurs will keep trying and I will keep not caring.

Trump did not waste two Executive Orders. He knows exactly what he's doing here, even if you think he doesn't.
Because the feds can check their records database at any time for any county and see an exact total for how many illegal immigrants in that county are receiving federal benefits, that's the number they will SUBTRACT from the county total in the census.

Yes, this will happen.
Trump said illegal immigrants won't be counted in the census and so they won't be counted in the census.

He wrote an EO to pave the way for the feds to do this and so it was done. Now that it's all ready, he wrote the second EO this week.

To get access to the federal food stamp programs, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, WEC, SNAP, college tuition, millions and millions of illegal immigrants had the prerequisite federal records created on them.

Quit telling me the feds don't know who they are.

They do.
They do know who they are.

They do know where they live.

And now they have a database, thanks to President Trump, that at any time will give them a PRECISE NUMBER of how many illegals live in EACH AND EVERY COUNTY that are receiving/have received federal benefits.
Illegally bring your family to the US, or start one while you're hear, and make an anchor baby as fast as you can and then apply for benefits.

You are still illegal, but your anchor baby is not.

See how it works?

This is how many illegals get access to the federal benfits.
31% of families receiving SNAP benefits in 2019 were illegal immigrants who had an anchor baby after moving here.

That's JUST the SNAP program.
The federal government has ways thru using records databases of determining:

1) exactly how many people currently live in each US county
2) How many people in the county are legal citizens
3) How many people in the county are illegals getting federal benefits

And 4)?
Here's where I close in for the kill, OK?

4) How many people in the county are illegals getting STATE AND LOCAL benefits

And you're going: "Wait, why would the states SHARE **that** info with the feds?!"

Didn't I tell you fed $ comes with LOTS OF STRINGS ATTACHED?
The reason I told you federal $ granted to the states for these public assistance programs comes with a lot of strings attached is because...


Federal $ granted to the states for these public assistance programs comes with a lot of strings attached!

[smart ass face!]
The states **HAVE** to share that info with the feds to get the federal $.

Would you be surprised to learn states like CA & TX that have been GROANING for decades to raise BILLIONS of state taxpayer $ every year to support their illegal population plead for federal aid?
So what do the feds do?

They tell the states pleading for more federal $ to support their millions of illegal immigrants "Why SURE we'll give you that extra $60 million! All YOU have to do is...!"

And that's why the states have to share with the feds.

To cut down of fraud.
I mean, what have been people been telling themselves all this time? That the feds just hand over hundreds of millions of federal taxpayer dollars every year to these states without any strings attached?

I've known since the mid-1980's that's not how this works.
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