yea so Elon Musk just responded back to my tweet acknowledging his participation in overthrowing a democratically elected leader for the countries resources! Fuck this guy!
Rich boy from South Africa whose family made their money off apartheid openly talks about over throwing a Latin American president for the country’s resources.
His fans will defend him by saying he’s “trolling” which is the perfect disguise. Why? cause admitting on twitter about being apart of a coup is so crazy it sounds unbelievable. The craziness of it is the mask in plain sight. It’s so crazy it sounds like a lie. Sadly, it’s not!
Order of events:

-President Evo Morales of Bolivia cancels an agreement with a German company for developing lithium deposits in Bolivia

-A week later Evo Morales is overthrown

-3 days later Tesla stocks climbed substantially and they have not stopped climbing since.
Ganfeng Lithium Co Ltd extracts lithium from three salt lakes in Argetina, Bolivia, and Chile. Who does Ganfeng supply Lithium to? Elon Musk!
Connecting the dots isn’t hard. Evo Morales was open to allowing companies to use Bolivia’s lithium. He had a change of heart. The U.S. doesn’t want to be second to China. Tesla can’t drain Australia forever.

Overthrow Evo. Install puppet democracy. Win win for greedy mfs!
over throwing Evo Morales means more lithium is available to the world. Which means more is able to be extracted. Which means the cost of it goes down. Which means more profit for Elon.
Cant stress this enough:

To the U.S. & its imperialist allies, leave Latin America alone! Enough blood is on your hands. Communities destroyed, nations in shambles for generations, people fleeing their native homes.

Latino América, me duele el corazón por lo que te han hecho
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