This should be trending news.

100 days before the November 3rd election, someone sets fire to the Democratic Party headquarters in a state that could flip *both* the White House AND Senate blue.

Guess what assholes? We’re gonna flip AZ blue anyway. #DemCastAZ
Today would be a GREAT day for you to adopt Arizona by signing up for #DemCast’s #Focus14 program.

There’s no better state to focus on down the stretch.

We’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to help flip AZ blue. 
Arizona is a major battleground state, with 11 electoral college votes. Trump won by just 3% in 2016, but since then Arizona has flipped a Senate seat and is posed to flip another with Democratic nominee Mark Kelly - a seat that is crucial for control of the Senate.
As for the US House, AZ has both blue seats to defend AND red seats to flip. The state's also poised to flip the state legislature blue, needing to pick up 3 Senate seats and 2 House seats for control of both lower chambers.

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