Defend Alberta's parks!

Like Little Fish L in provincial park of the same name, critical habitat for endangered Piping Plover, ostensibly "protected" under Canada's Species At Risk Act. Already closed, slated to be "divested" to a 3rd party. No provision for protection reported.
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In any case, a lot less concentration on PR strategy & a lot more on conservation is warranted. This entire lake & its shoreline has HIGH conservation value.
No conservation value. This attitude pretty much sums up the Alberta government approach to parks.
Further to this thread, Little Fish L PP will be "divested" to non-AB gov't interests. Failing that, it will be "deregulated" (returned to the public land base), where it will be available for sale.

Again, this lake is critical habitat for a SARA-listed, endangered bird
For the documents FOIPed by CPAWS, see

h/t & thanks to Sam Gunsch @SamvgWr
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