BREAKING: We're suing.

Along with @KIND, @ACLU, and dozens unaccompanied children detained in hotels facing imminent expulsion from the country, we're suing the Trump admin to stop their expulsion, give them legal representation, & allow them to seek asylum. #FreeThemAll
This week, we’ve uncovered potentially hundreds of asylum-seekers and children detained in a hotel in McAllen, Texas. The government is disappearing asylum seekers— even children— without a trace.

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Without due process, there’s no paper trail. When we tried to provide legal assistance at a hotel in McAllen where they are illegally detaining people, our staff was violently shoved and removed.
Outside of the hotel, we saw families from the windows asking us for help but they don’t have phones to contact us.
That's why we're suing the Trump administration to #FreeThemAll. Read the lawsuit here: 

If you need help finding an unaccompanied child, call 956-291-4169. We need the full name, date of birth, and country of origin so that we can intervene. 
CORRECTION: we love partners our partners at KIND, but they are not part of the lawsuit. It is just TCRP, the ACLU, and the unaccompanied minors.
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